Solarcan Colours (Pack of 3)


This is the ULTIMATE pack for any Solarcan fans out there!

Creator’s Note: It’s been three years since we launched the original Solarcan on Kickstarter to great acclaim. Its success, along with the community that evolved out of it, is something we are thankful for every day. This is why we have been working tirelessly to create something special in honour of all the people who have supported us so far: Solarcan Colours. A trio of Solarcan, all with a unique look and markedly different result from the original Solarcan classic. 

  • Atlantis: Produces a cool blue finish 
  • Eldorado:  A warm, golden appearance with solarised halos
  • Nebula:  A striking, duotone picture of the Sun and landscape

The Solarcan Colours pack includes:

  • 3  Solarcan Colours edition (Atlantis, Eldorado & Nebula)
  • 6 x 500mm. cable ties
  • Your essential guide to Solarcan

The different colour effects can be seen in the product images below (all courtesy of the Solarcan Kickstarter):

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