dubblefilm BUBBLEGUMis a speciality 35mm C41 36 exposure film available in 200 and 400 speed.

As with all film results will vary depending on shooting and scanning conditions but here are some examples you can use as a reference.

BUBBLEGUM tones can be very subtle but you can expect a pinkish vibe and deep magenta in the shadows 

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Here you can see that pinkish tone in the highlights and the sky.

Check out a #dubblefilm_bubblegum selection handpicked from Instagram!

If a photo is underexposed the effect will change a lot but the tones remain pretty awesome. Check the effect in the shadows

dubblefilm BUBBLEGUM

© @lydiiaxrose

In high contrast scenes you'll get that great shift from pink to magenta.

dubblefilm BUBBLEGUM

dubblefilm bubblegum

© @melaaniaf

The signature bubblegum tones are always present on a well balanced shot. 

© @bunny.shoot.film

dubblefilm bubblegum

© @paulbundy

Indoor party shots with flash? No problem!

dubblefilm bubblegum

© @bunny.shoot.film

BUBBLEGUM works so well in so many conditions. Indoors with flash, outdoors with and without sun. Underexposing changes the experience a little and our only recomendation is not to overexpose too much as you might lose the effect and lab scanners will find it easier to "correctly" balance the photos.

Enjoy and HAVE FUN!

When in stock, you can buy dubblefilm Bubblegum here

Cover photo of umbrellas © @kk_with_her_eyes