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shoot it!

Use the Show day or night & with any
35mm film. Show us what you can do

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hang it!

Wear the Show wherever you go
with its smooth cotton neck strap

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case it!

Keep the Show fresh & store your film with the amazing customised NΓ€he case made by our friends Hightide from Japan that comes with every camera

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reuse it!

Show is a great alternative to disposables. 
Load and reload and shoot forever. 

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The SHOW loves the sun! Remember to keep a minimum distance of 1m for sharp images and keep the sun behind you. If you love flare have the sun in front and use the flash for a boost!

When shooting indoors remember to always use the flash, even if you feel there's a lot of light. Keep your model close (1-2m), the flash won't light the entire room!

Power up

Open & Load

Close & wind

Rewind when finished

Tech specs

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