Carla Deltoro is an editorial photographer and storyteller from Barcelona working mainly with film. We spotted Carla after seeing one of the best SOLAR photos ever taken!

Carla deltoro SOLAR

In her own words:

"Siempre he renegado mucho de presentarme como fotógrafa. Cualquiera puede hacer fotos bonitas y convencerse de que la fotografía trata a cerca de la estética.

Para mí lo complicado de este asunto es encontrar qué quieres decir y saber comunicarlo. Puedes hacer las fotos más “feas” del mundo con un mensaje honesto, y habrás conseguido lo más difícil. La técnica se aprende o se mejora."


"I have always denied presenting myself as a photographer. Anyone can take beautiful photos and be convinced that photography is about aesthetics.

For me, the complicated thing about this matter is finding what you want to say and knowing how to communicate it. You can take the "ugliest" photos in the world with an honest message, and you will have achieved the most difficult thing. Technique is learned or improved."

Carla always likes to take a roll or two of APOLLO film to her shoots. Her fave tint from our range of films. So we asked her to pick some of her personal best to feature here!

Carla deltoro APOLLO 200Carla deltoro APOLLO 200Carla deltoro APOLLO 200Carla deltoro APOLLO 200Carla deltoro APOLLO 200Carla deltoro APOLLO 200

In her last shoot she also took our APOLLO 400 for a spin. Great for lower light shots!

Carla deltoro APOLLO 400Carla deltoro APOLLO 400

You can check out more work by Carla on her Instagram or her website. If you drop her a line. You never know where she might be when she replies

Carla deltoro

Carla Deltoro portrait by Mariona Calathea