Dear shooters, this guide is mainly aimed at first timers to both analogue photography and the SHOW camera. If you're a seasoned photographer or have shot a couple of disposables already you'll probably know most of this stuff. 

Things we will cover:

  • How to load & rewind film
  • The Flash
  • Film recommendations
  • Tips
  • FAQ (coming soon)
  • Technical issues (coming soon)



If the instructions that came with the cameras aren't clear please check out this detailed video! 



The flash is more powerful than you think but before we get to that please note that you need a fresh new AAA battery to power it up!

Check out a quick video for more details on the flash.

The flash is very useful to light subjects within 1 or 2 meters. It can also act as a way to fill light in sunny conditions or when shooting agains the sun.

Flash off ~ Flash on

Show camera flash on and off



35mm film comes in different film speeds AKA ISO. The most common are ISO 100-200-400. It's also possible to get 800 speed in colour and 3200 speed in black and white.

The rule is basically this: for very sunny conditions think ISO100 or 200, for cloudy think 400/800 and for a lot of grain you can use 3200 B&W. 3200 works surprisingly well in many conditions.

For the SHOW we recommend 400 speed film as it works well in both sunny and cloudy conditions. However if there is a LOT of sun feel free to rock 100/200 speed film as well.

Here's some examples:

ISO 100 - Agfa Precisa, cross processed

ISO 200 - dubblefilm SOLAR 

dubblefilm show shot on SOLAR 200

ISO 400 - fujifilm 

SHOW fujifilm 400

ISO 3200 - Ilford Delta

ilford delta 3200 shot on SHOW



If you like living on the edge and love analogue effects you can force some light leaks on your pictures. All you need to do is open the camera when it's loaded and close it as fast as possible! This will burn the part of the negative that is immediately visible and a part that is rolled up on the winder.

© @mr_mitri

Love a bit of serendipity? Try making double/multiple exposures. This means taking one photo and another photo on top! How? Take a photo, wind forward, press the rewind button and rewind the film around one rotation and take another photo. You can also finish a film, rewind it truing to make sure the film doesn't go all the way into the cassette, then reload the same film and shoot again!

© @adamscott

This might seem dramatic but where would we be without taking a few risks? This extra vignette effect can be achieved by drawing on the lens. Yes... drawing on the lens! Well, around the outside of the lens, with colour pens.

Show camera vignette effect

© @analoguedreamer


FAQ 🤷‍♀️ 🤷 🤷‍♂️

The flash doesnt work!

First thing you need to check is the batteries. Are they new? By new we mean a decent brand out of a fresh pack not unbranded AAA crap you took out of the remote control. Very often people leave the flash on and it can drain the batteries.

Secondly you might need to give the camera some time to load. The flash light will not be ready the second you turn it on.

Flash loading on SHOW by dubblefilm

If the red light isn't loading and you want to test the flash you can do it like this:

Hot to test the flash on the SHOW camera by dubblefilm