We have been fans of Brian's photos for a while. They really demonstrate the potential of the SHOW camera! In his words:

My name is Brian and I live in Michigan working as an electrical engineer. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Tokyo Japan and moved to the USA to attend University.  

I started to take pictures with 35mm film in university after the first and only digital camera owed broke.  Ever since, I have only shot on film cameras. Currently I shoot street photography in Michigan mostly in Detroit.
I received the dubblefilms SHOW camera during the summer of 2020 and enjoy the simplicity and the images produced.  It is nice to be able to shoot things without having to worry about metering, shutter speed, or aperture. For me, simple cameras like the SHOW have many limitations but at the same time allows me to try new things and create within those limitations. 
This camera is easy to use and fun but there are few things that should be kept in mind.

  1. 100-400iso film works the best for this camera.
  2. Make sure there is enough light! This camera can handle sun well. Use the flash indoors and dim lit situations. 
  3. Lens flare happens but use it to your advantage!
  4. The lens is wider than you think, so its easy to get your fingers in the shot. 
  5. Expect to have some pictures not turn out as you expect, but that is ok! 
  6. Do not overthink and have fun!

brian ho photos shot on dubblefilm show
Using bright lights at night works great. Shot on Portra 400

brian ho photos shot on dubblefilm show

Low light and misty but works great even on 100 speed film! (Kodak Ektar)

Kodak Portra 400

brian ho photos shot on dubblefilm show

Check how wide the SHOW is! Shot on Portra 400

Lomochrome Metropolis

400 speed is great for low light, end of the day shots.

brian ho photos shot on dubblefilm show

Great flare in this Kodak Pro Image 100 shot

brian ho photos shot on dubblefilm show

It's fun to shoot inside when there is great light creeping in! Kodak Pro Image 100

brian ho photos shot on dubblefilm show

Kodak Pro Image 100

Check out more over on Brian's instagram