The first in a series of tips for our SHOW camera!

Playing with light is the funnest parts of photography, and when going analogue it really pays off.  Even though you are not completely sure about what you are doing, let yourself experiment, you would be amazed. The flash on the SHOW has some very decent pop and using it, or not, can make a big difference!

© Borja 

daytime boost

© Saoe & Dimitri  

In the sun there is often no need to use the flash but at the same time it can help to fill shadows or create a subtle spot of light.

off-centre flash

© Dimitri & Carla  


The strongest part of the light of the flash is when the subject is close and centred. So if your model, friend, lover or enemy is off centre or far the light will be weaker and sometimes that can be cooler!

light indoors

© Brian & Carla 

Don't be fooled by the light coming from outside. It won't light the entire room and you'll need the flash to balance the look of your shot. 

dark indoors

© Bunny

Bars, parties, raves, drug dens whatever your pre-covid tastes were once they are back it's flash on ALL THE TIME!

If you want more ambient light to creep in shoot faster film such as 400 or even 800 speed. With faster film your friends can be further away as well!