Hi, I’m Chloe Jennings, 25 years old, I currently work full time at Hallmarks cards as a card designer in Kansas City, Missouri. I started shooting film my sophomore year of college at Michigan State University as a hobby and since then I’ve been taking portraits of my friends, experimenting with Dubblefilm and collaging my shots.

Shooting Jelly:

Every time I get a roll back it’s always a fun surprise. The colors are unique from shot to shot, which makes for really intriguing compositions. Seeing how they interact with the subject matter elevates whatever shoot you have in mind. For this shoot, I shot from midday to dusk, I saw the most vivid colors towards the end of the day. When setting up the double exposures I dropped down my exposure meter by one stop for each shot and had some beautiful layering happen. I have some Bubblegum in my fridge waiting for my next shoot!

Camera: Canon EOS Elan 7E
Film: Dubblefilm Jelly
Album Cover Info: From the shoot, Kelc Galluzzo, singer of Jetty Bones loved this soft focus shot of herself I took summer 2020 and wanted to use it for her full length album, Push Back, which came out on February 19, 2021 under Rise Records. There are currently two vinyl variations out with the Jelly shot for the cover art.

Creative Direction: Lindsey Byrnes
Album Layout: Kevin Moore

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