We asked Johanna if she could send some of her pictures to make this post, she said yes and we are happy for the answer cause we love the way she capture nature, beautiful images shooted on Bubblegum.  The result is simply BEAUTIFUL.  We loved the colors, the texture, the focus, the magic.. as soon as we downloaded and opened this pieces of art shooted from the eye of Johanna.  

In her words: 

'Recently I tried the Bubblegum film and I absolutely love it! I wasn't sure what to expect but I really like the fact that I am not able to affect the outcome to 100 %, I love that element of surprise!

Johanna on Bubblegum

I think it worked out particularly well in the shots where I had pink or red tones already, I really like how those got even more of a colour boost! '

Johanna bubblegum 2

' I love trying out new cameras and films and I have developed my black and white films myself since 2018 but just recently started to develop my own colour film as well.'

Johanna Bubblegum 3

These shots were taken with my Nikon EL2 from 1977 and I had a few close-up lenses mounted in front of the lens. '

Johanna Bubblegum 4

Go check Johanna's website for more photos www.johannalronn.photography.com or click here to check her instagram. 

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