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Swing by our IRL shop @ Verdi 28, Barcelona. Discover our analog photo booth, we'll take care of all your photo needs 📸✨

the SHOW camera

Capture life's moments with our pocket-friendly and joy-inducing 35mm camera!


Explore our snazzy film collection, a rainbow of colors and textures!

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Introducing Glitch

120 color film

Introducing TREAT

Yes! We've opened a lab




Testing the limits of Jelly 200 film by Destry Rose Quick-fire Jelly review by Destry Rose
TREAT yourself Check out our new 35mm iso400 colour film!
Introducing CINEMA Brand new fast iso 800 color 35mm film!  Expect epic colors, insane tones at night, halo effect around bright red lights and a bluish tone in daylight.
The queen of film soups Meet Hanna AKA Hanalogital! The queen of film soups... but wait... WTF is a film soup??
Bubblegum shots by Johanna L. Rönn Beautiful and magic nature on Bubblegum shot by Johanna L. Rönn
Dubblefilm shots by Rebekah Heffernan Check out this cool selection on DAILY COLOR, PACIFIC and BUBBLEGUM shots by Rebekah! 

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Each order is treated with care and packed right here at dubblefilm HQ in Barcelona.

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