We asked Carly How does she feel about speciality films and that was the answer:

"I really have enjoyed using specialist films it has made everything feel very raw and real. The colours and tones bring something very special to the photo" 

Carly Bedwell on Jelly

Carly Bedwell is a professional photographer and also works in an independent darkroom specialist called RK photo ltd, Letchworth, Hertfordshire in UK. Check out their instagram.

She's also a true fan of our Jelly film and the magic colors it brings to her photos.

Carly Bedwell on Jelly 2

We really appreciatte this beautiful Carly snaps on Jelly and how she mixed nature, family and photography. Go see her work right here: @carlybedwellphotography

Carly Bedwell on Jelly 3

Carly Bedwell on Jelly 4

Carly Bedwell on Jelly 5

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