This is a real summer vibe , California, the ocean, waves, surf...  Its a pleasure to open your mail and see photos like this from the water. 

We really wanna thank Jordan Garza for letting us share these photos and his words to everybody and also thanks for support dubblefilm with a really good photographic taste. 

Enjoy! All shot with Bubblegum & Apollo. 

Jordan Garza apollo bubblegum

In his words:

My name is Jordan Garza and I am from Newport Beach, California. I’m an electrician for a living who loves the ocean and anything related to it. I’ve been shooting surfers and the ocean for about a year now, but in the recent months have been able to get  in the water and experience a whole different type of photography.

I’ve used both Apollo and Bubblegum film stocks which I’ve come to find are my favorites for shooting surfing with.

I use a Nikonos V and a Nikonos IVA for all of my work.

I’m excited to try Pacific and all of the other film stocks Dubblefilm has to offer!

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