about dubblefilm

Adam Scott - dubblefilm

Hello, my name is Adam and thanks for dropping by. Welcome to dubblefilm!
The road to get here has been filled with interesting twists and turns. The short of it is this; I launched dubble, a mobile app which was greatly inspired by film swapping in analogue photography. However, I couldn't avoid my roots, having started shooting film at 6 years old. It wasn't long before dubble became dubblefilm and our initial range of films was launched in 2017!

The idea with dubblefilm was to bring some of the effects that were popular in my mobile app to film. However after some testing and tweaking it became clear that full colour tints were insanely good. Our films offer a range of effects and tonal variations that really add a twist to the already exciting world of film photography.
I hope you enjoy our films and let me know what you think!