Psych Blues #4 ISO 400 36exp


We're really exited to offer the Psychedelic Blues range imported from the US!

This is Psychedelic Blues #4 entirely exposed to holographic paper resulting in multiple spectrums of color throughout the roll. These colors will come from all directions, and fade in and out between frames. Psych Blues have been working on this process for longer than they've been selling Psychedelic Blues, but always had trouble keeping the exposures consistent. Almost every tool used to make this film had to be built by hand, or adapted in some way, and we think it resulted in one of the most experimental and unique films they will ever make

*Due to the nature of this process, some frames will have less of an effect and others will be much heavier.

*Fresh rolls of Kodak Ultra Max fogged by hand.

*36 exposures


*C41 Process 

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