Black & White pack pink


This pack includes:

1x In & Out tote
1x Ilford HP5
1x Ilfrod Delta 3200
1x SHOW camera pink
1x SHOWzine

Pack-price is €80 instead of €89!


Sampled from Jose A. Roda's illustrations of our SHOW instructions the In & Out tote bag is perfect for your shooting missions!

HP5 & DELTA 3200:

HP5 is the go-to B&W film for thousands of photographers! A ISO 400, medium contrast, all-purpose black & white film.

A personal fave at dubblefilm HQ Ilford 3200 is exceptionally high speed black & white film


A fun, affordable 35mm reusable camera with flash. SHOW can use any colour or black & white 35mm film and comes with a PVC case and neck strap.


What happened when we asked some photographers around the world to SHOW us what they could do? A lot of 32mm plastic lens magic is what happened!

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