Canon New Sure Shot


The Canon New Sure Shot ( or Autoboy WT28 in Japan) is a 1990 bifocal compact autofocus camera. A slider on the front rertracts the lens barrier and the lens comes out in its 28< mm. mode. A press of a button makes the lens extend to its 48mm. "tele" mode.

Check some photos taken with this camera here.


  • Wide: 28mm f/4
  • Tele: 48mm f/5.6 
  • AF System: Triangulation system with near-infrared beam. Prefocus enabled
  • Metering range: EV 9.5 (f/4 at 1/45) - EV 17 (f/22 at 1/250) (wide); EV 11 (f/6.5 at 1/45) - EV 17 (f/27 at 1/180)
  • Viewfinder: Variable-magnification albada viewfinder. 0.34x - 0.85x magnification and 84% coverage.
  • Film speeds: ISO 50 - 1600 (with DX code)
  • Flash: Guide no. 9
  • Calendar: Auto calendar programmed for 1989 to 2022. 
  • Power source: 6 V 2CR5 lithium battery. (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Dimensions & weight: 142 x 77 x 60 mm, 360 g (with battery)
  • Made in Taiwan

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