Kodak Star Motordrive


The Kodak Star Motordrive is a 35mm fixed focus camera that features a 'red-eye' reduction facility for its built-in electronic flash. The camera is switched on by opening the lens cover, the film speed set by Dx contacts in the film chamber. This camera was made in China and Its in good condition. It has some small scratches in the body.

  • Film type: 35mm, with DX-decoding, auto-loading, advance and rewind.
  • Lens: 34mm, f/5.6 
  • Built-in flash with Red-Eye reduction.
  • Power source: 2x AA battery
  • Weight: 240g (without battery)

Check the photos carefully as we are showing the cameras in all their glory, no makeup and no airbrushing. Some of the cameras have scars, but who doesn't in real life? It builds character and doesn't stop them from doing what they do best; take photos!

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