Olympus Superzoom 120


The Olympus Superzoom 120 is a 35mm compact camera, most notable for being able to continuously shoot pics at a rate of 4 frames per second. The 120 part of the model number represents the maximum telephoto focal length, the range being 35-120mm. Another notable feature is that the zoom lens moves a 2 different speeds depending on how hard the button is pressed. This camera is weatherproof and is in good condition. The battery tab separate from the camera when open because the small piece of plastic that grabs the camera is broken. Includes its original Olympus Japan strap but not includes the remote for the self-timer.

Check some Olympus Superzoom 120 example photos here.

  • Lens: Olympus lens 35mm - 120mmf4.5-8.7, 10 element in 8 groups.
  • Film speed range: Automatic setting with DX-coded film with ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200. For non-DX-coded film and film speeds lower than ISO 50, film speeds is set to ISO 100
  • Automatic loading , winding and rewind film.
  • Flash: Built-in  Wide-angle — 0.6~5.1 m
    (2.0 ~ 16.7 ft), Telephoto — 0.6 ~ 2.8 m (2.0 ~ 9.2
    ft) with ISO 100 color negative film; Wide-angle —
    0.6 ~ 10.2 m (2.0 ~ 33.5 ft), Telephoto — 0.6 ~ 5.6
    m (2.0 ~ 18.4 ft) with ISO 400 color negative film.
  • LCD panel with light.
  • Weatherproof: Protected against splashing water
  • Power source: Two 3V Lithium batteries DL123A or CR123A (Not included)
  • Weight: 310gr. without batteries

Check the photos carefully as we are showing the cameras in all their glory, no makeup and no airbrushing. Some of the cameras have scars, but who doesn't in real life? It builds character and doesn't stop them from doing what they do best; take photos!

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