Olympus Superzoom 80G


The Olympus Superzoom 80G is a 35mm compact camera released in 2002. It uses a 38 t0 80mm 2x f/4.5 - f/8.9 zoom lens that is protected by a sliding cover. Auto rewind, self timer, LCD small screen and the zoom has LED indicator for focus, a focus mark and close-up correction marks.

Check some Olympus Superzoom 80G example photos here

  • Film type: 35mm. DX encoded film.
  • Film speed range: Iso 100 to 800. 
  • Automatic first frame loading auto advance, auto rewind, with mid-roll rewind capability
  • Flash: Built-in auto, red eye, flash off, fill flash, night mode and night red eye flash.
  • Lens: 38 to 80mm 2x f/4.5 - f/8.9
  • LCD screen to control Flash modes.
  • Power source: CR123A battery (Not included)

Check the photos carefully as we are showing the cameras in all their glory, no makeup and no airbrushing. Some of the cameras have scars, but who doesn't in real life? It builds character and doesn't stop them from doing what they do best; take photos!

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